Connecting to the present moment brings you short glimpses of satisfaction.

I’m saying that because after 2 weeks of daily, almost religious meditation with Deepak Chopra, I’ve reached a point where those words are not only a statement-> to me those words are true.

This week I was on a business trip and while flying to my destination I’ve met a French business man. Let me paint you the picture: I don’t speak French, but considering it’s a Latin language I do know some basic phrases and greetings. Usually, when I go abroad I speak English, Italian or even German, in some circumstances.

As English is the universal language almost everywhere in Europe, except for a few places where they prefer Russian, I assumed that the man sitting next to me was familiar with the English idiom. Guess what? He wasn’t.
Feeling uncomfortable after realizing the passenger wasn’t able to understand me, I tried to fix the situation by asking what language could he speak. His polite reply was: “français”. (French)

Smiling and trying to show a friendly face (while feeling a bit embarrassed) I carried a short conversation with this gentleman and felt surprisingly good about my own knowledge of French vocabulary. I mean, when faced with an unprecedented and unexpected situation like that one…somehow I raised to the challenge.

Anyway, that’s not the end of the story.

The second day, on my flight back the same guy was among the group of people who were boarding the plane. He saw me, smiled and said “hello”, in French of course 🙂 …thus, I guess feeling awkward for a bit, but pushing through that and making the effort to connect with people… who were there near me (at some point in time), made the difference between a normal/boring flight and an unusual, yet interesting one.

The conclusion could be: “what you put out into the world comes back to you.” In my case…there was a smile…in yours can be something completely different. Just try to be present as much as you can and life will surprise you.


PS: My attempt to start that conversation was triggered by empathy, I noticed how scared the passenger was of flying and I just tried to distract him from that sensation…

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Thanks to DW (Deutsche Welle) I discovered by chance this NGO active in Latin America called TECHO.(techo=”roof” in English) If you are living on that continent and would like to find out more about this organization go to this page:

People who joined the TECHO community need your support. Some of you might donate money, others your time…the important thing is to engage in projects like that. To me that’s what makes a difference between what is now…and what can be tomorrow.

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I love Canada…and Canada loves me


I’m sending a warm thank you to all my readers from this country. You guys are the best! Please share the posts you liked with your friends and comment on the things which inspired you the most…

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“The highest fo…

“The highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself.” Krishnamurti

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Take part in Blog Action Day. 16th of October, 2013

Check the link to find out how you can join.

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Mountain Forest Project in Switzerland

{The Bergwaldprojekt workcamp is the basic type of assignment, and the backbone of the Bergwaldprojekt. The first workcamp was held in 1987, in Malans, canton of Graubünden, under the motto: “They all talk about the forest – we go there!”.

Participants are attended by the local forestry services together with experienced group leaders. Lodging, meals and project guidance is financed by the Bergwaldprojekt. Men and women between 18 and 88 are welcome to participate. Workcamp last from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning.}

Be there for the forest…

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Roz Savage-First woman ever to row solo across 3 oceans

“I stopped caring so much about what other people thought of me, and started caring more about what I thought of myself.” this was one of the best sentences she wrote on her webpage.

More about her story here:

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