the magpie and me


Today, after exchanging ideas with a friend about what love is and how to keep your emotional balance under surveillance in critical moments I reached a point where I relinquished my preconceptions and established to let go of false patterns. What I mean by that is: I recognized my past mistakes and felt relieved to know there isn’t something I needed to change…except for my thoughts. šŸ™‚

In romantic relationship, as well as in business the best policy is to let things flow naturally…somehow I needed to hear that today. Actually, it was just a reminder; however I’m grateful my friend stood there and whispered those words of wisdom into my ears.
Thank you A, you reached me just in time.

Afterwards feeling a bit blue and nostalgic I looked outside my window at a tiny magpie, which was resting on a branch alone.

Now the delicate part comes…maybe it was the conversation or perhaps it was the lonely bird, but I couldn’t hold my tears back…If you (dear reader) knew me, you would have acknowledged that I’m not a cry baby nor do I likeĀ to show my weak sides…but that’s what happened.Ā I had a disturbing thought while watching the magpie: “what if I will end up alone…just like that jay?” or “what if the only thing which lead me to this point was… my nature?” Hmmm…

Well, while I was trying to collect myself something amazing happened…the magpie flew from that place to the roof of a house where another jay was reposing. I don’t know about you guys, but to me that was a sign. A lucky omen. In China, the magpie is also called “the bird of joy”, plus they believe jays bring good fortune. Below are 3 links I discovered on that subject:

Thanks to nature and those 2 birds my mood switched and I recognized that dwelling on a negative idea won’t do me any good. Grazie a Dio. šŸ™‚


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