about insecurity…

I was listening to a song from Katy Perry called “Not like the movies” and it inspired me to write this comment.  She is singing there about the eternal search for a soul mate and how hard it is to match the dream image with real life…and yes, I understand her so well.

Memo to my ego: “no bright and shining prince will come to you…if you’ll sit around in a small room writing on your virtual wall for hours and hours, instead of going out and enjoying life”

However, even if you’ll find the time and the nerve to go out there and start a conversation with someone…prepare yourself for a big fat “I’m not interested” kind of answer.

I know, you will say…it’s better to think positive… fine, but let’s be real for a moment…how many times did you meet a guy who wanted something more than just a fling with you? or to put it in different words: how hard is it really to connect with somebody?and more importantly to make it last?

I feel lost when I start thinking about my personal life and this emptiness I’m sensing lately…when, after putting myself out of the game for a while …I realized it’s not so great being single.

On the bright side I do have real friends and a great family, offering me support whenever I’m in trouble…so, I do have something to keep myself warm with…I could say my security blanket is in place, but is this all that can be?


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