About meditation, tolerance and things I pray for…

The purpose of meditation is to train you, in a very strict yet powerful way, to pay attention to your body and to let go of all thoughts, in order to understand the ultimate truth -> that we are all connected.

We are all very similar, even if we consider ourselves unique and special in the end we realize we are just small pieces of a larger puzzle.

Hence, in meditation or when trying to reach inside to discover your true core you must become still and afterwards you become more tolerant… if the practice worked. πŸ™‚

That’s the real meaning of this search…to learn how to live on this planet in peace…and to accept others, even though we don’t get them.

It’s a bit like a huge family and we should all try to play our parts better. πŸ™‚

Once you stop condemning or punishing yourself with your negative ideas and concepts…peace comes. For me that is why Buddha was smiling…he was living in peace.

In conclusion, there is no real motivation to treat yourself badly…and that’s the end of it.

As for things I pray for, well I pray for stuff that you can’t purchase in a store, such as: unconditional love, creative ideas, patience and above all tranquility.
I hope everything I said meant something to you and brought a spark of light into your lives…




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