I’m a “yes” girl…

Just like Jim Carrey tried to suggest in one of his movies or like Mr. Branson is showing us on his blog or by taking the nickname of “Dr. YES”, I also consider myself a member of this “YES” club.

What I mean by that is:

  • I accept life just the way it comes to me…day by day,
  • I try to meet new people, to discover new places, to dream about a better world,
  • but I also try to impact others in a powerful yet positive way, in order to raise the awareness of us all.

A Nobel Prize winner said once “we are all waves of different frequencies” and that “matter is just an illusion” or “Maya” as it is called in Zen.  (The Maya part is from a different source) 🙂

The idea is we all should try to upgrade ourselves to higher frequencies, in order to lead a better life.

People who achieve high frequency levels and are able to stay there are usually called “the enlightened ones”. (An example would be: Siddhārtha)

That’s my purpose in this life too, however I don’t know if I reached the “balanced” frequency yet. 🙂

In music some people said that D minor or the sounds of Nature will help you attain that state, so for that reason I’m listening to natural recordings of rain, wind or sea waves.

Maybe there is some tiny bit of truth to that message and perhaps I’m on the correct path. 🙂

Actually, in Zen teachings it is said that “wherever you might be now, that’s the perfect place to start your journey”…so, I’ll see…

Here’s a song from a man who uses natural sounds in his compositions:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sErfCyMniLg





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