Let’s be honest…I’m a rich person

Some people might not see it that way, because I’m currently seeking a new job and due to a stupid decision taken last year… now I am living in my parents’ house. Yes…my life after 27 years…gave me that. 😦 I mean it’s only my fault, I took a wrong “turn” at some point…and now it’s time to pay. 🙂

A normal person in those conditions would accept any job just so they could enjoy the freedom of having a rented room and quiet time again…but not me…no Sir…I’m way too proud to just do what any other sane person would do. I’ve always been like that and I hope to change at some point.

Sometimes I feel like I’m my own enemy. I really don’t know why the hell I’ve put myself in that position. The only logical explanation I found was: “I wanted to move back home for a while and relax after almost 14 months of intense work abroad.” 14…yeah, it’s a small number…I know. I have no excuse.

However, by being here, my stress levels decreased immensely and everything seems to be falling into place somehow. I’ve been thinking about the next steps in my career and I really have a clue …regarding what I can do next. I don’t feel lost anymore…and that’s a good sign. 🙂

Today I was visiting some relatives with my mom…and on my way back I saw a homeless person.Image I had some bread with me and some coffee…so when I saw her…I just gave her my stuff…

I know, people usually don’t even look at those persons living on the streets, but I did…

I remembered how lucky I was to have a home and to have a warm meal…and I said to myself: “it’s ok to give something back”…

I hope more people could think like that…and appreciate how fortunate they are to have a roof over their heads and a family.

Not everyone has those things…we just take them for granted.

Happy Easter, dear readers!



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