My pathway to Zen…


didn’t start in a remote monastery or Buddhist temple…it started on a hospital bed in Prague.

One day I was out with a friend, enjoying the beautiful views of the city at sunset while the next I was diagnosed with face paralysis. (due to powerful wind conditions)

Yes, it happened like that. So, as you all might imagine, I wasn’t prepared for it. It took me by surprise, like almost everything in life. 🙂

However, coincidence or not, during that time I had with me my old MP3 player and as I was doing a million tests in the hospital or just lying in that uncomfortable bed in my shared room I was listening to a cool audio book about Zen teachings. 😀

Actually, I don’t even remember who gave me those recordings, but whoever he/she was I am eternally grateful to.

The next period brought in my life a lot of change and powerful healing. That tape gave me hope and made me realize the importance of fighting for your life, while accepting the Now. (By Now I’m thinking of my situation +everything that implied).

I did months of therapy, massages and acupuncture, I’ve met interesting people and I won the battle against this illness.

Now, my face is back to normal again; however, that life experience changed me in such a way …well, more than any other thing did before.

I am grateful I’ve got to experience that thing, because now I can proudly say I’m a stronger person. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to say:” I’m a wiser person as well”…but let’s not rush things. 🙂

My lessons from that experience were:

  1. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. There isn’t a thing “good” or “bad” in my life; everything appears because there is a necessity to learn something.

I assume I did learn a lot from that event and I hope to remain balanced from this point on…


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