On finding your true passion vs. regular work

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about finding my passion in life. I don’t know about you dear readers, but when it comes to me I know working for a large corporation isn’t the dream. 🙂

For more than 3 years or so I’ve been feeling lost as a part of this huge corporate world, where still from the very beginning I’ve felt like as an outsider.

I mean, even during my first job as a Marketing Assistant, where normally people will die on their seat due to feelings of contentment, thinking of all the creative and positive thoughts they might materialize on that job… I felt horrible.  😦

I was imagining myself as a tiny rat or a hamster, moving daily in a wheel and not feeling free at all regarding my daily routine or not feeling happy about my brand new badge, which in my head resembled this:Image

A sheep with a bell…OMG, this image still makes me shiver.  However, now I know I’m not a “sheep” anymore. 🙂 Thank you, Lord for that!

Ok, so I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and practical lists to see what kind of job would be suitable for me and my creative mind and the conclusion I’ve reached sounds pretty good: “ I know that through my work I want to inspire people all over the world to lead a better life” and the way I’m going to put that into practice is by becoming a life coach or a nutritionist. So, at this moment I’m reading all these pages on the web about how to get a diploma in one of those 2 fields.I already have a Trainer Certificate from my own country, but I thought of getting some international degree or something.

Another idea was to start writing, because I love the way I can make people laugh with my humor, plus that’s something unique, so nobody could replace me…and that gives me a lot of hope…for the future.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a life coach who’s also a part-time writer. 🙂 I would love that.

As for regular work, where you need to dress up a certain way and show up at a certain hour every God damn day…I hope I won’t need to reconsider that perspective. 🙂

Take care dear readers…and think about your own dream…maybe someday…that dream will come true.

I really hope mine will.



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