on moving on…and letting go

Recently I’ve been talking to 2 guys, however as it turned out they were just 2 “rabbits” as I call people that act like corporate scouts huge.102.510443even outside working environments.

The feeling I’ve felt when saying good bye to them…was pure sadness. Not for me…for them.

I asked one of them if he felt happy with his life and the answer I’ve got was: “I don’t know…I’ll have to think about that one” so sad… 😦 You actually don’t need to think about being happy…you just are.

Plain and simple.

That’s the real truth that I was able to express in my last message to him.

The other one, although he was a cool dude, trying to make it as an entrepreneur and supporting good causes in his free time as well as in work was so lost and scared of the things I said that he just flew away…like a bird. White-Bird-Flying 🙂

Are there no real men out there? I wonder?

Both were highly successful in their careers, but regarding their private life things were a bit different…

I guess some people throw themselves into work, as much as possible, in order to forget about other issues they have. I shouldn’t smile, but I did. 😀

Maybe I was just acting harsh or aggressive and I didn’t gave them enough time to express their feelings…however, I think I saw them pretty well and I was able to read between the lines. One of them actually blogged about me…in a way…saying that through what I said…I made him feel ordinary again. He’s not ordinary…one of his friends is the guy who created Virgin …so he’s a powerful, interesting person…but when it comes to seeing just him…without all those achievements (he started 3 or 4 start-ups) he’s simple and as I saw him…really scared of loving another human being. It doesn’t have to be me…just some girl…any girl. 🙂

I have enough fans as I am…I won’t care about a new one. 🙂 I said that I’ll wait for him…because I assumed we had similar views in life and similar likes/dislikes…so my door is open …anytime.

On the other hand…I will move on…and watch what the future …might bring. 🙂 I’m cool like that…I don’t get attached to transient things that easy. Take care guys…& girls…

Peace be with you,




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