London in October 2015

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Odalisca by Theodor Aman

Odalisca by Theodor Aman

A beautiful painting I had the chance to see at Museum’s Night in Ploiesti.

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Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary!

1 year anniversary

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Keeping your friends close vs living like a nomad

Being on the road always brought an inner joy to my spirit. However, as any good thing in life, traveling also had a downside which for people like me translated into leaving dear friends behind, while moving to the next place. Sometimes I feel my nomad nature kept me away from having a serious relationship or perhaps I chose this gypsy life because I was too afraid to plant real roots in one particular place. In my own twisted dictionary “nesting” meant giving up on seeing the rest of this world, so I tried to stay away from any form of attachment to a location or country.

Anyway, this non attachment brought me a lot of alone time and solitude. Some people, have no issue with being left by themselves long periods of time, sadly I am not like that.

Today was one of those days where my best buddy was my shadow. It was Sunday, so to cheer myself up I went for some Chinese noddles and ended up in a modern art gallery. All in all it was a decent time considering it didn’t stop raining and the grey city center was empty as everybody was trying to get some shelter.

Thanks to skype or facebook chatting with my dearest friends has become a weekend tradition, however I still miss hugging them or just being there in the same room, sharing some tea or coffee together. Let’s hope this blue state of mind will not torment me next week also.

Peace be with you,


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“who can say where the day flows…”

I’m listening to “Only time” from Enya and I pure and simple love those lyrics. Time is for me also the best barometer. By allowing things to happen in your life and by taking each day as it comes to you, things evolve and you move on with the flow of life.

These days I’ve been busy trying to settle myself in a new country and doing my best to find a host here. It’s been a long journey which started a few days before Christmas and now it’s about to normalize again. Hopefully tomorrow I will find the perfect host for me and on Monday I will be able to start my new job here in Bratislava.

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“Follow your b…

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

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the magpie and me


Today, after exchanging ideas with a friend about what love is and how to keep your emotional balance under surveillance in critical moments I reached a point where I relinquished my preconceptions and established to let go of false patterns. What I mean by that is: I recognized my past mistakes and felt relieved to know there isn’t something I needed to change…except for my thoughts. 🙂

In romantic relationship, as well as in business the best policy is to let things flow naturally…somehow I needed to hear that today. Actually, it was just a reminder; however I’m grateful my friend stood there and whispered those words of wisdom into my ears.
Thank you A, you reached me just in time.

Afterwards feeling a bit blue and nostalgic I looked outside my window at a tiny magpie, which was resting on a branch alone.

Now the delicate part comes…maybe it was the conversation or perhaps it was the lonely bird, but I couldn’t hold my tears back…If you (dear reader) knew me, you would have acknowledged that I’m not a cry baby nor do I like to show my weak sides…but that’s what happened. I had a disturbing thought while watching the magpie: “what if I will end up alone…just like that jay?” or “what if the only thing which lead me to this point was… my nature?” Hmmm…

Well, while I was trying to collect myself something amazing happened…the magpie flew from that place to the roof of a house where another jay was reposing. I don’t know about you guys, but to me that was a sign. A lucky omen. In China, the magpie is also called “the bird of joy”, plus they believe jays bring good fortune. Below are 3 links I discovered on that subject:

Thanks to nature and those 2 birds my mood switched and I recognized that dwelling on a negative idea won’t do me any good. Grazie a Dio. 🙂

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